System advantages

  • Electronically supported management of all documents from the point of entry to the point of exit (incoming mail, case files, communication documents, outgoing mail, shipped or archived documents)
  • Electronic distribution of documents significantly reduces the time required to process a case as well as helps cut down on office supply costs
  • A system which is fully adjustable to the needs of the users through defining and monitoring the course of specific business processes
  • Maximally adjustable to the needs of the users (numeric codes, books, classification, case files, organizational structure, types of case files and communication documents and the related metadata, document templates)
  • Central data management system (DMS); all official documents created within the organization are stored in a central location and adequate safety rules are applied to the same depending on the status of the case file, i.e.
  • official document
  • Automatic creation of outgoing official documents on the basis of a template in the form of an MS Word document containing information about the communication document depending on the type of the same
  • System user rights management using enhanced safety mechanisms
  • Possibility of being connected to other business systems (SAP, HR, ERP, BOARDPoint…), etc.)
  • Possibility of being connected to business process management systems (K2, SharePoint Workflow, etc.)

OfficePoint enables

  • Simple process of receiving documents in a central location within the organization (communication documents, case files, official documents, and similar) through a simple user interface of the registered employee
  • Simple, quick and adjustable search by all the entered data and document content (for documents in any of the MS Office formats or some other formats that OCR was performed on)
  • Working on an outgoing official document by several employees at the same time with the possibility of monitoring all document versions
  • Access to and working on documents from remote locations
  • Timely information concerning all the changes in a document or case file
  • Users can independently define additional metadata for different types of case files and communication documents that can be connected to codebooks of external systems
  • Scanning and OCR processing of documents as well as automatic mapping with the relevant communication document
  • Barcoding of case files, communication documents and mailed documents which simplifies and quickens the document management process