OFFICEpoint - A solution for managing records and documents designed for companies, public administrative bodies as well as local and regional self-government units

It enables standardization of business processes related to the life cycle of all documents received or created by an organization. In a modern and intuitive way, it ensures efficient office operations without the need for physical circulation of papers, thus increasing the level of organization and productivity of everyday operations.

OfficePoint ensures that all those involved in office operations receive all the necessary information, documents and tools required for efficient resolution of business issues in a timely manner.
The system

allows for several employees to work on the same document at the same time

from any location. All employees can view the case files and documents they have been put in charge of, while department directors can view all the case files falling under their competence.

It maximally reduces the time required for processing and distribution

, ensuring that no documents received or created by the organization are lost, left unprocessed or rendered unusable in any of the business processes.

It automatically keeps all the books concerning office operations that are prescribed by the law

, while an analysis of the general operations of the organization and a print-out of the related report can be made at any moment. Also available are the reports on the status of all cases, deadlines for the resolution of the same and an overview of responsibilities by employees and organizational units. jedinicama.

OfficePoint Archive System

ensures compliance with the legal regulations concerning the time during which documents must be kept and their timely extraction.

OfficePoint Public Portal

is intended for public administrative bodies and enables transparent operations allowing all entities to view all of the open cases they are in charge of including the status of the same. Both citizens and corporate entities can view the resolutions made under administrative procedures, the received complaints and the information concerning the mailing and confirmed receipt of official documents by other involved entities in real time.
The scalability, reliability and continuous technological improvement of system functionalities have been ensured through the application of the latest Microsoft technologies and the SharePoint platform.